Master Class

Equuscience™ Master Class:

A trauma-informed and evidence-based lens on horse-human relationships

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Back by popular demand!

Sarah and Dr. Peters are excited to be running their master class again in 2024-2025. This class will be recorded so you can watch after the fact.

This educational course offers an overview of a number of important topics grounded in the latest neuroscience and research, along with best and promising practices from the fields of psychology, trauma treatment, and ethology, to help you better understand you and your equine(s). This course will cover how adversity and trauma impact the brain, nervous system, behaviour, relationships, and overall functioning, as well as frameworks, principles, and next steps to help start the process of transformation for you and your equine(s). Trauma in humans, trauma in equines, and the particular intersection of the two (equestrian trauma) will be presented through a compassionate lens that brings in awareness of somatics, attachment, psychophysiology, and interspecies neurobiology.

Class information

You may attend the modules live or watch the recordings after the fact at a time that is more convenient for you. New in 2024-2025: You will have access to the video recordings for 1 year after the end of each module.

  • The modules run approximately 3.5 hours in length each, on Zoom, once a month (roughly 25 hours total), allowing time for you to review the material between each module.
  • The modules start at 8am Pacific / 9am Mountain / 11am Eastern on the dates below. Please cross-reference with a time zone conversion tool to ensure you know which time and date the modules will be where you are located.
  • Upon registration, you will receive a welcome email with instructions as well as the links to the Zoom meeting room (there will be a different link each module). Please check spam in case you don’t find this email (it will be sent to the email address that you used to create your PayPal account).
  • We send reminder emails out before each module.
  • The link to the recording is usually sent out the week following each module (please allow 5 business days following the date of each module before contacting us to inquire about the recording link).
  • Note: We do not have the capacity to provide individual extensions to the recordings at this time. We intend to build a platform that will streamline access the recordings and renew access via subscription in the future.

Please check spam for our emails and ensure that Sarah’s email address ( is in your Contacts list and whitelisted by your email provider, to ensure that emails are delivered and not filtered out as spam.

Who is this for?

This master class is geared towards a general audience. Horse, donkey, mule, and hinny lovers of all walks of life have taken the course, as have equestrians in various disciplines. Also, professionals in different scopes of practice, such as horse trainers, natural horsemanship instructors, clicker trainers, riding coaches, equine bodyworkers, equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning facilitators, animal communicators, veterinary health providers, therapeutic riding instructors, and so on are also welcome!

  • Instruction: This course is taught in traditional webinar style to a larger number of registrants, and usesa mix of slides, lectures, and Q&A. Sarah and Steve each teach their own material each module and have different teaching styles.
  • Interaction: There is time to ask questions each module. Module 7 is designed to allow students to present more complex cases and questions for discussion. We also have our Equuscience™ Facebook Group as a place where people can connect.
  • Flow: This is a general education program being taught to an audience with a wide variety of backgrounds. The pacing may be just right for some students but not for others. Similarly, we cover a wide range of content, some of which may be familiar and some of which may be new, depending on the person. The focus is primarily top-down learning with a few bottom-up components added in. Registrants are encouraged to re-watch the videos at their own pace based on their learning needs.

Curious about integrating this material more deeply in your work?
Professionals in the professions listed above are welcome to register for the EQUUSOMA®: Horse-Human Trauma Recovery training program (2 years / nearly 200 hours), licensed through Somatic Experiencing® International. The EQUUSOMA® program features smaller cohorts with more personalized attention, a slower pace with a more equal balance of bottom-up and top-down learning, practical application and practice, and the support of a training assistant team. We offer two inclusion scholarships per cohort and partial scholarships as well, along with a structured eLearning platform where students can access recordings, materials, and other features. Please visit our website for more information.

BIPOC scholarship program:
For Black, Indigenous, or other persons of colour who are interested in this program who face marginalization and inequity due to race / racialized trauma, please contact us to inquire about our scholarship program:


Payment is by credit card, and the link is at the bottom of the page to register. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Payment in full is required in order to reserve your spot. We do not have a platform that allows us to offer payment plans at the present time (this is part of our intended future platform). Payment by credit card allows participants to pay off the course registration in instalments in a customized way that works for their respective situations.

Student Cancellations

You are eligible for a 100% refund if cancelling more than 90 days before the first day of the master class (November 2, 2024), and a 50% refund if cancelling between 60-89 days before the first day of the webinar or seminar. A $100 CAD administrative fee is applied to process refunds. No refunds are possible for cancellations that occur in the 59 days before the first day of the webinar or seminar.

Instructor Cancellations

On occasion, a module from the master class may be affected by reasons beyond our control, such as due to instructor illness or emergency or a technical issue (e.g., an internet, power, or Zoom service outage). In these cases, we may need to reschedule a module. Because the modules are recorded to accommodate the many students who cannot attend live, no refunds will be provided in the event that a particular module needs to be rescheduled, as the content will still be made available.

If the master class program needs to be cancelled in its entirety, two options are possible: (1) you may defer your registration and the entirety of your registration fee payment (without penalty or administrative fees, at no additional cost) to a future master class program taking place in the next year (from the start date of the event in question that was cancelled or rescheduled). We are considering additional dates pending demand, but we can make no guarantees about the availability or dates of future offerings. Or (2) if you prefer, we will issue a 100% refund due to the inconvenience (if the program had to be cancelled entirely) or a partial refund (pro-rated based on the modules that occurred before the cancellation).


Module 1: Neurophysiology and Neurochemistry

Saturday November 2, 2024, 8am Pacific Daylight Time

  • One Health, One Welfare (safety and wellbeing for all) as a framework
  • Setting the conditions for learning
  • Brain anatomy and function
  • Comparing equine and human brains
  • Neurotransmitters as chemical messengers

Module 2: Understanding the Nervous System

Saturday December 14, 2024, 8am Pacific Standard Time (one hour earlier compared to previous module due to time change)

  • Activation and the threat response cycle
  • Activation and the threat response cycle
  • Arousal, activation, and blended states
  • Mapping sustainable, survival, and conservation physiology
  • Selected aspects from the polyvagal theory

Module 3: Neuroplasticity and Trauma

Saturday January 18, 2025, 8am Pacific Standard Time

  • Research on adversity in humans and equines
  • Epigenetics and gene expression
  • Impacts of imprints: Early trauma, health, and behaviour
  • Captivity conditions, coping, and resilience
  • Creating optimal conditions to support desired outcomes

Module 4: Co-Regulation and Attachment

Saturday February 8, 2025, 8am Pacific Standard Time

  • Attachment theory and neuroception in relationships
  • Oxytocin, vasopressin, and attachment
  • Linking early trauma and horsemanship
  • Transference and counter-transference in equine settings
  • Co-regulation, resonance, and coherence

Module 5: Window of Tolerance and Self-Regulation

Saturday March 8, 2025, 8am Pacific Standard Time

  • The window of tolerance and the “faux” window maps
  • Activation and deactivation
  • Finding the window vs. growing the window
  • Stacking, titration, pendulation, and thresholds
  • Tracking sequences

Module 6: Interspecies Integration

Saturday April 5, 2025, 8am Pacific Daylight Time(one hour later compared to previous module due to time change)

  • Adapting horsemanship, learning theory, and the Humane Hierarchy
  • Trauma-informed horsemanship principles
  • Equestrian trauma
  • Equestrian trauma
  • Referrals and recommended resources

Module 7: Case Applications

Sunday June 15, 2025, 8am Pacific Daylight Time

  • Featuring a selection of case examples submitted by participants
  • Reviewing cases through the lens of the material learned in the master class
  • Practical application of the material
  • Respecting the limits of your scope of practice
  • Identifying next steps

USD $899.00

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